Kaohsiung International Airport Exit hall expansion


Kaohsiung Airport International Exit Hall Expansion Planning and Design


Due to a limited amount of commercial areas within the International Departure Hall, it cannot satisfy the demand that comes with passenger growth. The design showcases two separate additional buildings on both ends of the departure hall by the flower beds, which will help in reorganizing facilities and adjusting passenger flow. The new space is increased by approximately 1,600㎡, providing more dining and shopping areas for airport passengers, and greatly improving service standards and increasing revenue for Kaohsiung Airport.

出境大廳原有兩側商業服務空間過少,不符運量成長需求, 本案利用航廈陸側兩端的花台增建兩座獨立附屬空間,通過調整航廈內的服務設施和旅客動線,有效的結合航廈與商業空間, 可增加旅客等候及服務空間約1,600㎡, 提供機場旅客更多餐飲及購物需求,大幅提升了服務水準並增加航空站之非航空收入。


Client \ 高雄國際航空站
Kaohsiung International Airport
Location \ Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Year \ 2013
Area \ 1,600 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ 10 MAP
Cost \ TWD 50,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ 石昭永建築師事務所
Shi Zhaoyong Architects