Baiyun International Airport


Baiyun International Airport Expansion Phase II - Concourse 3 Architecture Design
中國, 廣州新白雲國際機場二期工程- 3號指廊建築設計服務案


This is the second phase of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Master Plan, which includes two new concourses, two landside arrival halls, curbside transit services, and VIP departure and arrival areas. The design of the concourses is flexible and when the project is complete aircrafts from types C to F will be able to dock and board passengers. The design is as close as possible to the first phase but there have been improvements in structure, interior decoration, and organization of passenger flow. The concourse has been put into operation at the end of 2008 and was well received by passengers. Ms. Yang and her company partners also created the interior design and structural concepts for the project.

這是廣州白雲國際機場總體規劃的第二階段, 包括兩個新的指廊,2 個陸側到港大廳, 車道, 中轉服務, 以及VIP 離港和到港區。指廊的設計靈活可變, 專案完工後C 型至F 型的飛機都可以停泊並上下旅客。設計儘量與第一階段建設保持聯繫, 但在結構, 室內裝修, 人流組織等方面都有了改進。指廊已於2008 年底投入使用,得到旅客們的一致好評。楊女士及其公司合夥人同時為該專案進行了室內設計以及結構概念設計。


Client \ 廣州白雲國際機場
Location \ Guangzhou, China
Year \ 2004 - 2008
Area \ 1,292,000㎡
Passenger Volume \ 15 MA
Cost \ USD 60,000,00
Status \ Complete
Collaborators \ 廣東省建築設計院
Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province