Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3

BCIA_scheme1_REDUX1-AXIO2 copy.jpg

Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 Concept Design Competition


This concept was the result of the Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 International Design Competition. AYD’s design captures the spirit of aviation with its form reminiscent of butterfly kites commonly flown in Beijing. The departure and arrival hall are situated alongside each other, which allows visitors entering Beijing to experience the same comfort as departing passengers. The new terminal celebrates arrival as well as departure and welcomes visitors coming to China for the 2008 Olympic Games. To accomodate crowded traffic conditions, the terminal has two curbsides and a train station for the Beijing Metro Rail that passengers can take to and from the airport.

該設計是北京首都國際機場3 號航廈國際設計競賽的作品。 AYD的設計很好地抓住了航空精神, 作品外形取自北京天空中常見的蝴蝶形風箏。離港大廳和到港大廳並列設計在同一層面, 這使得到港旅客進入北京一刻能與離港旅客體驗到一樣的舒適感受。新航廈迎來送往, 迎方遊客來到中國, 參與2008 奧運盛事。針對北京擁擠的交通狀況, 航廈設有兩條車行道路和一座輕軌車站,旅客可乘坐北京地鐵進出機場。


Client \ 北京首都國際機場
Beijing Capital International Airport
Location \ Beijing, China
Year \ 2003
Area \ 900,000㎡
Passenger Volume \ 80 MAP
Cost \ N/A
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \  Landrum & Brown