Daqing Ranghu Railway Station Relocation

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Daqing Ranghu Road Train Station Relocation Design Competition


In accordance with Daqing city construction and development policy, the design brings together various modes of transportation into one center, including city light rail, traditional traffic vehicles, long-distance buses, taxis, and private cars. AYDesign uses an artistic approach with the concept of the oil pipe, leading to a well-designed station that is grand and modern. The building is double glazed, which is energy saving, and the concept of an elevated waiting room in the design makes the passenger’s journey more comfortable and convenient.

隨著大慶市城市建設發展的方針, 大慶建設規劃讓湖路站為主要客站。擬建的車站將彙集城市軌道交通, 常規交通, 長途汽車, 計程車以及社會車輛等各種交通方式, 形成各種交通方式有機銜接的現代化客運交通樞紐。在設計當中, 楊女士以藝術的手法很好地詮釋了大慶油管的概念, 設計的車站雄壯, 美觀。建築立面選擇雙層玻璃牆, 節能之余, 充滿了現代氣息。設計中還採用高架候車室的概念, 使旅客的旅途更為舒適, 方便。


Client \ 哈爾濱鐵路局
Daqing Ranghu Road Train Station
Location \ Daqing, China
Year \ 2008
Area \ 60,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ 18.16 MAP
Cost \ RMB 2,000,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ CCDI
Award \ First place