Guangzhou Baiyun Airport GAMECO HANGAR


Guangzhou New Baiyun airport GAMECO Hangar


The three bay hangar concept was the winning entry in an international design competition, done in collaboration with Parsons and URS for the Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Company, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and China Southern Airlines. The design is functional, energy efficient, and economic.
The GAMCO Phase 1 hangar is located at the maintenance base of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and has the largest truss structure in China (400m long x 133m wide, and 96,000 m2 area). The main hall can accommodate 4 wide-bodied aircrafts or 12 narrow-bodied aircrafts for all levels of maintenance. The dedicated paint hangar is equipped with an advanced control system of ventilation, temperature, and humidity for one A380 or B747 aircraft painting.

三車間飛機修理庫方案設計是與柏誠公司及美國URS 公司的合作專案, 為Lockheed Martin 和中國南方航空公司合資公司--廣州飛機維護和工程公司所設計。該方案在國際設計競賽中勝出。AYDesign 的設計方案集功能性、節能性和經濟性為一體。GAMECO 一期机库位于广州白云国际机场的维修基地,拥有目前中国跨度最大的桁架结构机库,该机库南北长400 米,东西宽133 米,总建筑面积9.6 万平方米,可同时容纳四架宽体飞机( 如:两架空客A380 和两架波音B747 飞机),或12 架窄体飞机进行各级别维修。独立的全封闭式喷漆机库采用先进的通风及温度、湿度控制系统,可容纳一架A380 或B747 飞机整机喷漆。


Client \ 廣州飛機維修工程有限公司GAMECO
Location \ Guangzhou, China
Year \ 2001
Area \ 96,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ N/A
Status \ Completed 2005
Collaborators \ Parsons, URS