Guangzhou  Datum Processing Center

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Guangzhou International Datum Safety Processing Center


Located in the center CBD of Guangzhou Science City, the project will become the landmark of Science City. Ms. Yang focuses on the connections between three major functions and takes advantage of the site’s contours to separate the working and living areas. With a unique olive-shaped plot, it cuts into different functional areas, creating a fun courtyard. The beautiful curve of the Chinese architecture is vividly reflected in the form of this modern architectural art.

該專案位處廣州科學城的中心區, 是科學城的CBD區域,其將成為科學城的標誌性建築。楊女士在平面功能上著重處理各個功能之間的關係,做到動,靜分區,使之有機地聯繫在一起,並且使豎向交通簡潔而有序。配合獨特的橄欖形的地塊,將其切割不同的功能區,營造了院落的趣味。在一期三棟高低錯落的辦公建築,二期兩棟弧形的專家樓和培訓中心,作為本區的亮點的三期兩棟辦公大樓膽地以多個曲線創造出活潑的天際線,使中國建築優美曲線的飛簷通過現代建築藝術形式演繹得淋漓盡致。


Client \ N/A
Location \ Guangzhou, China
Year \ 2008
Area \ N/A
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ N/A
Status \ N/A