Haitai Industry


Haitai Industry , Study and Research Base Design Competition


The Haitai high-tech Research Center is a science incubator focused on medicinal, communication, environmental protection, and new material research. Through architectural space and planning, AYDesign presents the interaction between people and architecture, technology, environment and culture. The building concept prioritizes environmental protection and energy conservation by using precast building to reduce costs and utilizes natural light to save energy. Additionally, on site transportation uses electrical cars to reduce pollution. Internal (air?) circulation allows all buildings in the park to be connected internally, but each zone uses smart cards for individualized access.

海泰產學研基地屬於醫藥, 通訊, 環保, 新材料等高科技產業區, 同時也是國家級孵化器園區。楊女士利用建築造型和規劃手段充分實現了人與建築,科技,環境,文化的高度融合與互動。整個設計以環保節能為主體,單體建築採用預注,降低成本;室內空間大量採用自然光,節約能源;園區所有建築內部連線,使用智慧卡進行人員出入管理,使用各種設施;園區內規劃了可以到達任何角落的道路供電瓶車行走, 降低對環境的污染。


Client \ 天津海泰方圓投資有限公司                               Tianjin Haitai Fangyuan Investment Co., Ltd.
Location \ Haitai
Year \ 2016
Area \ 118,700㎡
Passenger Volume \ 25MAP
Cost \ $890 Million
Status \ Competition