Jinmen Shuitou Port Service Center


Jinmen Shuitou Port Passenger Service Center Planning and Concept Design Competition
台灣, 水頭港大型旅客服務中心新建工程委託規劃設計暨監造技術服務競圖


Jinmen's transportation gate is a major traffic channel for passengers on both sides of the strait. The current facilities cannot provide adequate service and enough comfortable space for the passengers. The design goal of the Passenger Service Center will be to serve 5 million passengers a year. The new building will be a landmark in Taiwan, welcoming the coming and going cross-strait passengers. It will appear as a green mountain from a distance and up close will seem like a cruise waiting for its guests.



Client \ 金門縣港務處
Kinmen Harbor Division, Kinmen
Location \ Kinmen, Taiwan
Year \ 2016
Area \ 39,473m2
Passenger Volume \ 5 MAP
Cost \ TWD 1,874,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ 趙建銘建築師事務所
Zhao Jianming Architects