Kaohsiung Helicopter Maintenance Hangar

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Kaohsiung Helicopter Maintenance Hangar Design Competition
台灣, 內政部空中勤務總隊高雄駐地直升機棚廠興建工程競圖


The existing hangar in Kaohsiung International Airport could no longer satisfy the demand for new helicopter parking. AYD participated in the competition to create a new concept for the hangar with an area size of 9,635m2. There are 8 parking places including two maintenance parking places. The concept connects 3 major functional areas: the maintenance area, office building, and support space, which creates an efficient work space.




Client \ 內政部營建署
Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior
Location \ Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Year \ 2016
Area \ 9,635 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ TWD 404,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ 葉耕柏建築師事務所
Ye Gengbai Architects