Long Thanh Airport


Long Thanh International Airport at Ho Chi Minh City International Design Competition
越南, 胡志明市Long Thanh 國際機場全球競圖


Long Thanh Airport in Ho Chi Minh City will be a world-class facility that will serve as an International gateway and hub for Southeast Asia in response to the Vietnam Government's “Vietnam Globalization City” initiative. The Terminal will be a smart and green building with an intelligent layout that will provide passengers with an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

位於胡志明市的 Long Thanh 新國際機場因應越南政府倡議之 "越南全球化國門城市 " 計畫,將被設計建設成為世界一流水準的機場服務設施以及東南亞的國際進出的主要樞紐機場。設計團隊共同創造出一個綠色,高效的智慧航廈設計方案為來往旅客提供令人難忘的愉快旅程記憶。


Client \ Dong Nai Province - Vietnam, Airports Corporation of Vietnam
Location \ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Year \ 2016
Area \ 400,000㎡
Passenger Volume \ 25 MAP
Cost \ $890 Million
Status \ Competition