Wuxu International Airport


Nanning Wuxu Airport New Terminal Concept Design Competition
中國, 南寧吳圩國際機場新航站區擴建航站樓方案設計競圖


Nanning Wuxu Airport is the main gateway of the East Union in Guangxi, China. In the design, the terminal exemplifies the warmest welcome to all guests. The new terminal is planned to satisfy the demand of 12.5MAP by 2020. The design is unique, with smooth passenger flow and spacious departure and arrival halls. The entire new terminal will have an area of 150,000 square meters.

南寧吳圩國際機場是東盟位於中國廣西的門戶機場。在設計當中, 航廈展現出熱烈歡迎各方賓客的精神。新航廈規劃目標年為2020 年, 將滿足1250 萬的年度旅客流量的需求。設計獨具一格,旅客流程方便而簡潔, 寬敞的出發及到達大廳無不給予旅客舒適的感受。整個新航廈的面積將為15 萬平方米。


Client \ 南寧吳圩國際機場
Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
Location \ Nanning, Guangxi, China
Year \ 2009
Area \ 150,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ 15.4 MAP
Cost \ RMB 2,200,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ CCDI