National Civil Aviation Museum

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National Civil Aviation Museum,Beijing,China


This concept was the result of an international design competition for the CAAC ( Chinese Civil Aviation Administration). The design captured the spirit of aviation and became a part of the exhibition. The building structure is based on an airframe concept and allows visitors to understand how an aircraft skin is supported structurally. The program includes an omnimax theater, 4 exhibition halls, a research library with an archive, a restaurant, a museum shop, and a central atrium space containing a full size aircraft. The wings of the museum are space trusses covered in Teflon fabric. The space frames are very light and rigid. This allows columns and curtain wall to be temporarily removed so that aircraft and exhibits can be easily moved into and out of the museum. Visitors can pilot aircraft simulators and traffic control simulators. Outside, the museum grounds will hold 14 full size aircrafts and a ride that allows patrons to pilot an aircraft for a visceral flight experience.

該作品是參加CAAC國際設計競賽的成果。該設計很好地抓住了航空精神並讓自身成為展覽的一部分。建築結構來自飛機的機體結構,可以使參觀者領會飛機外殼的支撐原理。 設計包括一座立體劇院,四個展示廳,一座檔案研究圖書館,餐廳,博物館商店,以及停有一架真實尺寸飛機的中庭空間。博物館兩翼為空間桁架,其上覆蓋有聚四氟乙烯塗料,整個空間結構非常輕便堅固。這使得立柱和幕牆可臨時移開,方便飛機和其他展品進出博物館。遊客亦有機會操作飛機模擬器和交通控制模擬器。博物館外的地面上停有14架真實尺寸的飛機和一個離心式騎乘轉盤,使遊客親身體驗飛行的樂趣。


Client \ 民航博物館
National Civil Aviation Museum
Location \ Beijing, China
Year \ 2003
Area \ 50,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ 500,000,000 RM
Status \ Completed 2005
Collaborators \ BDI