April Yang Gives a Speech at the Passenger Terminal Expo In London, March 2019


英國Passenger Terminal Conference發表演說, 參訪國際建築師事務所 及知名工程顧問公司 (2019 March)

今年3月楊之瑾建築師與交通部民用航空局陳技正受邀前往英國倫敦參與2019年Passenger Terminal Conference,以《打造南臺灣明日之星》為主題,說明高雄國際機場新航廈擴建規劃設計。

AYD期間參訪位於倫敦市中心的Rogers Stirk Hardour+ Partners事務所,事務所位於建築師親自設計的Leadenhall Building,其結構複雜且特殊,榮獲許多建築設計及結構大獎。  

參觀Zaha Hadid Architects由幼童院修建而成的舊事務所與新事務所,以及位於泰唔士河畔的Foster + Partners事務所,BaltherFang向大家介紹高雄國際機場新航廈規劃設計。

另前往英國巴斯(Bath)拜訪知名工程顧問公司Buro Happold總部,觀摩及了解機場工程規劃分析相關專業。

In March of this year, April Yang and Chen Junyou of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Communications, were invited to London to participate in the 2019 Passenger Terminal Expo. The theme of "Shaping the Future of Southern Taiwan” illustrates the expansion and design of the new building at Kaohsiung International Airport.

April Yang Design Studios also visited Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners in central London. The firm’s Leadenhall building was designed by the studio’s own architects. Its structure, with a complex and unique design, has won many architectural and structural design awards.

We visited Zaha Hadid’s office which was once an orphanage that had been renovated, as well as Foster + Partners located on the banks of the River Thames. Balther Fang, at Foster + Partners, introduced the planning and design of the new airport at Kaohsiung International Airport.

We also visited the headquarters of the well-known engineering consultancy company Buro Happold in Bath, England to observe and understand the related fields of airport engineering planning analysis.

April Yang