Jinjiang International Airport


Quanzhou JinJiang International Airport Master Planning
中國, 泉州晉江國際機場航站樓擴建概念性規劃方案


Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport is a military-civilian joint airport. In order to meet the needs of Quanzhou's economic development, the emergency expansion and reconstruction in 2008 was carried out.
After the renovation, the aviation business volume will continue to grow substantially, exceeding the forecast. In order to meet the future foreseeable growth travel demand, further calculations will be made, as well as evaluations of the design parameters used in the expansion. Thus, we may expand to neet the future travel needs of the terminal.

泉州晉江國際機場為軍民合用機場,為適應泉州市經濟發展需要, 2008 年進行應急擴容改建,改造後航空業務量仍大幅增長,超乎預測,為滿足未來可預見之增長旅運需求,進一步計算與評估改擴建所使用之設計參數,以滿足航站樓未來旅運需求。


Client \ 泉州晉江機場
Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport Co., Ltd
Location \ Fujian, China
Year \ 2017
Area \ 29,000m2
Passenger Volume \ 9.52 MA
Cost \ RMB 260,000,00
Status \ Complete 07/18