San ying MRT


Lightrail San Ying Line Stations Architecture Concept Design
台灣, 三鶯線捷運系統計畫統包工程(LB04、LB05 站體建築設計)


The total length of the Metro San Ying Line is about 14.29 kilometers, with a total of 12 elevated stations and one maintenance plant. AYDesign is responsible for the design of Station LB04 and LB05. The LB04 station reflects the waves of the sea by utilizing the special texture of terrazzo and rich color to create a wave shape, and arranges green plants in a patchwork manner. The LB05 station extends the imagery of the river with a glass facade and long opening to create a rhythm of river waves.

捷運三鶯線整體路網線總長度約為14.29 公里,共設置12 座高架車站,1 座機廠。AYD 負責LB04站、LB05站的站體設計,LB04標準站以碧水蕩漾的站體造型,採用水磨石的特殊質感及豐富層次的色彩營造水浪造型,錯有致地佈置綠色植栽。LB05標準站延續三峽段水之構想,採用玻璃牆面加上細長的開口營造出河流波浪層層疊疊的韻律。


Client \ 新北市捷運局
Department of Rapid Transit Systems, New Taipei City Government
Location \ Taipei, Taiwan
Year \ 2017
Area \ 50,000㎡
Passenger Volume \ 43 MAP
Cost \ TWD 89,700,000,000
Status \ In-progress
Collaborators \ 九典聯合建築師事務所
Bio-architecture Formosana