Sandalwood Service Apartment


Sandalwood Service Apartment Architecture Design, PRC


In 2006, Ms. Yang was invited to lead the design of the Beijing Sandalwood Service Apartment, which was one of the projects for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Ms. Yang emphasized the Chinese elements and the owner's strong interest in sandalwood to design a historical but modern service apartment. The project covered an area of 16,600 square meters, with a construction area of 56,328 square meters, 4 underground floors, and 6 floors above ground. The design team also worked on the project's commercial planning and layout so that the owner could maximize profit.

2006 年楊女士應邀主持了北京紫檀公寓的方案設計, 該專案也是配合2008 年北京奧運會的其中一個專案。在該專案中, 楊女士充分地利用了中國元素, 並結合業主的對於紫檀木獨特的愛好, 設計了一個古色古香而又充滿了現代化氣息的公寓。專案為占地面積為15500 平方米, 建築面積為56328 平方米, 地下4 層, 地上六層的建築。除了概念性建築方案設計, 設計團隊還著重設計該專案的商業策劃, 使之合理佈局, 為投資方帶來實際的經濟效益。


Client \ 北京華富金寶地產開發有限公司
Beijing Huafu Jinbao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Location \ Beijing, China
Year \ 2006
Area \ 56,328 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ N/A
Status \ Delayed
Collaborators \ N/A