Taitung Helicopter Base


Taitung Helicopter Base Planning and Design


The Air Service Corps is the only government aviation fleet of the government, responsible for disaster relief, rescue, observation and patrol, transportation and ambulance. The base is located at Taitung Fengnian Airport. After the completion of the new shed factory, it can accommodate more fleets and personnel and become the main training base of the Airline Corps. In this case, the construction of the reinforced concrete building and the steel structure shed factory building of the standby and service building will be built for the air service team, the sea patrol department, the fire department and other co-working units, and the various types of helicopters will be used for maintenance and parking.

空中勤務總隊為政府唯一之公務航空機隊,肩負救災, 救難, 觀測偵巡, 運輸和救護的任務. 
本案位於臺東豐年機場, 新建棚廠完成後,可容納更多機隊及人員,成為空勤總隊主要訓練基地。本案計劃興建備勤及勤務棟之鋼筋混凝土造大樓及鋼構造棚廠棟各乙棟,供空中勤務總隊、海巡署、消防署等共勤單位辦公、備勤及各種直昇機維修停放使用,並充實辦公、備勤、維修、補給等各項設備。


Client \ 內政部營建署
Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior
Location \ Taitung, Taiwan
Year \ 2018
Area \ 4,996 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ N/A
Cost \ TWD 246,000,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ 劉漢遠建築師事務所
Liu Hanyuan Architects