Teda Hotel


Teda Hotel Design International Competition


This is the first international design competition that Ms. Yang brought to YangMolen Design. It is a five-star hotel with 275 beds that celebrates Tianjin’s seaport heritage as the pearl in the harbor. The design features a nautical theme and is surrounded by a golf course, clubhouse, and villas. The sail-shaped observation tower highlights the theme and acts as a landmark for the development. The hotel is surrounds an 8 story atrium and winter garden and contains a water park, a disco, three restaurants, an omnimax theatre and cinema.

這是楊女士帶進Yang Molen 設計事務所的第一個國際設計競賽。這是一家擁有275 張床位的五星級飯店。飯店以航海為主題, 保持了天津海港碼頭的特色, 飯店以一個小湖為中心, 周圍建有高爾夫球場、會所及別墅; 帆形的觀光塔更加突出了航海的主題, 同時也成為一個新的景觀; 飯店被八層高的中庭及冬園環繞, 並配有一個水吧、一個迪斯可舞廳、三個餐廳以及一個劇院和一個電影院。


Client \ 天津泰達集團公司
Tianjin TEDA Group Corporation
Location \ Tianjian, China
Year \ 2009
Area \ 30,000 平方米
Passenger Volume \ 300 room
Cost \ RMB 300,000,00
Status \ Completed 2006
Collaborators \ Parsons