Yongqiang International Airport T2


Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport Expansion Terminal 2 Concept Design Competition


In the beginning of 2011, AYD collaborated with NBBJ to participate in the Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport international design competition. The design idea was inspired by the beautiful Yan Dan Mountain and Ou River. In the concept, the terminal symbolizes the mountain with clouds floating around it. For the concourse, the design team used the transparent blue ribbon to lead the passengers to the boarding gate, which was well integrated with the design.

2011年初AYD和NBBJ一起合作參加了溫州永強國際機場第二航廈國方案設計國際競賽。設計理念來自于溫州的雁蕩山及甌江美麗的景色,航廈猶如雁蕩山聳立入雲,雲霧環繞,室內的天花採取了新型材料,像雲一樣在航廈中飄浮著。在指廊的位置,設計團隊採用了半透明的藍色彩帶,寓意著甌江之水緩緩流入東海, 同時也引導著旅客到達不同的登機口,把建築設計和標識功能巧妙地結合起來。


Client\ 溫州永強機場
Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport
Location\ Wenzhou, China
Year\ 2011
Area\ 100,000㎡
Passenger Volume\ 35 MAP
Cost\ RMB 918,000,000
Status\ Competition
Collaborators \ NBBJ