Tianhe International Airport


Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Terminal 3 Concept Design Competition
中國, 武漢天河國際機場第三航廈方案設計競圖


Wuhan Tianhe Airport is the largest hub airport in China’s center. The expansion project covers an area of 375,000 square meters to meet the demand of 70MAP. The recent and long-term flight buildings are designed to appear as two phoenixes flying in the air, ultimately resting at Tianhe Airport. The functions of the terminal are clear and concise, the passenger flow is convenient and fast, and the commercial planning area is intended to maximize the income of the non-aviation section of the airport.

武漢天河機場是中國內陸中最大的樞紐機場, 這次擴建工程面積達到37.5 萬平方米, 滿足終端旅客輸送量7000 萬的需求。方案設計中近期與遠期的航廈仿佛兩只比翼雙飛的火鳳凰, 在天河機場小憩。航廈的功能分區清晰簡潔, 旅客流程方便快捷, 而且合理地佈置商業規劃區域, 最大限度地保障機場非航空業的收入。


Client \ 武漢天河國際機場
Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
Location \ Wuhan, China
Year \ 2009
Area \ 375,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ 42 MAP
Cost \ RMB 3,500,000,00
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ CCDI