Nanyang International Airport T2


Yancheng Nanyang International Airport T2 Expansion Planning and Design Competition
鹽城南洋機場 T2 航廈擴建競圖


Yancheng is a famous historical city with a reputation for “salt” production. The design of the airport terminal focuses on the historical and cultural characteristics of the city. For example, the roof appears as if adorned with white and transparent salt crystals, evoking a sense of the city’s culture and history. Colorful airplanes flying and landing at the airport are reminiscent of red-crowned cranes unique to Yancheng. Additionally, the new terminal is functional, closely connected to the existing terminal, and has space for future expansion.

鹽城為一座以“鹽”出名的海邊歷史名城。機場航廈造型設計著重 突出城市的歷史與自然文化特色,屋頂設計如層層波浪上點綴著 潔白透明的鹽晶。起飛降落的飛機如同鹽城獨有的自由自在的丹 頂鶴翱翔在機場。功能設計方案令新建航廈與既有航廈緊密連接, 並為未來的發展計畫預留拓展的空間。


Client \ 鹽城南洋機場
Yancheng Nanyang International Airport
Location \ Yancheng, China
Year \ 2015
Area \ 30,748㎡
Passenger Volume \ 5.85 MAP
Cost \ RMB 467,600,000
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ 南京大學建築規劃設計設計研究院 ADINJU