Zhang Jia Jie Hehua Airport


Zhang Jia Jie Hehua Airport Expansion Competition
中國, 張家界荷花機場擴建工程方案競圖


Zhang Jia Jie Airport is a rapidly growing tourist airport. AYD's concept design is the landmark building which reflects local history. The lighting system combined with the roof structure can prevent direct sunshine while still providing adequate natural light for the terminal. The main skyline is changed to the curtain wall, and through the wall you can see the Tianmen mountain, which is as beautiful as a Chinese picture. The unique X shaped terminal allows for effective operation, shortens the walking distance, and improves the passenger’s experience.



Client \ 張家界荷花機場
Zhang Jia Jie Hehua Airport
Location \ Hunan, China
Year \ 2008
Area \ 50,000㎡
Passenger Volume \ 0.05 MA
Cost \ RMB 500,000,00
Status \ Competition
Collaborators \ CCDI