Zhangzhou Fliport Hotel Landscape

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Zhangzhou Fliport Yuanshan Hotel Architecture & Landscape Design


Centered around the hotel’s architectural design philosophy, the design team created a subtropical garden and spa resort for the hotel. The garden includes access to the hotel and the spa resort and is divided into several areas, each with individual features dependant on the functions of the hot spring. Each of the areas demonstrates a unique charm and provides a relaxing experience for hotel guests.



Client \ 漳州佰翔圓山酒店有限公司
Zhangzhou Fliport Yuanshan Hotel
Location \ Zhangzhou, China
Year \ 2011
Area \ 60,000 ㎡
Passenger Volume \ 330 rooms
Cost \ RMB 300,000,000
Status \ Completed 2014
Collaborators \ NBBJ